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Now users can unlock lumia without best dongle
use same login and password that you have for lumia unlock with this software https://we.tl/kTMWCVPa1v

Download Link 1

Download Link 2

RM-1152 Lumia 650 Eno file just released : https://we.tl/VbCEVutwcK

Solution to unlock phones which give error 0060 ( mostly from UK networks ) 
1) full flash the phone using the firmware
FFU : RM974_02040.00021.15235.30008_RETAIL_prod_signed_1080_02D51C_000-GB.ffu

2) you must have the following tick marked before start flashing
a) Change PC and NVI

3) after flashing Unlock the phone

4) TIP : if you can not find the same firmware. download any firmware which DOES NOT have the following

Product code
1 059W8Q7
2 059W8V0 
3 059W8V6
4 059W913
to unlock latest WP10 phones like Lumia 550. 650 and more use Best software version 2.21 from support area http://server1.infinity-best.com/download/pub.php?dir=software/




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Note: Incase have Any issue

Please open this link https://user.infinity-box.com/news/ Login there with your Lumia username & Password

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The infinity Team Will Review & Send You a Solution There Or Will Return Your Credits To Your Lumia Account

& You Can Unlock Any Other Device