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Delivery Time: instant to few hours

Price: $ 3

This bypass Service Specially for iCloud your device, After bypass can't use Sim Card. other working well.

"Your Device LifeTime Bypass Free"

Support Models; iPad 2 only 

iDevice Bypass Tools > DOWNLOAD HERE

No need any Hardware attack, how to bypass below;

instructions After Order Confirmation,

Close Antivirus Then open tool "Run as Administrator"

ipad 2,1  2,2  2,3   (downgrade,bypass,update)

1- download 3utoos http://www.3u.com
2-install 3utools , open it and go (flash&JB)
3- now downgrade ipad to ios 6 (click download ios 6 then click flash)
4- wait tell download & installing complete 
5- now ipad opened in ios 6 
6-open iDevice Bypass Tool and plugin Your ipad and click bypass ios 7.1.1&lower
7-now ipad must bypassed icloud , countinue actvation steps tell open
8- now you can Update ipad ota to ios 8.4.1 (setting>>general>>softwareupdate)
9- after ota update now your device ready to use with untethered bypass

IPAD 2 2012
ipad 2,4 (tethered bypass)

1- open iDevice Bypass Tool and Click (IOS 9.3.5 only ipad2012)
2- now your Ipad must be bypassed (After restart will relock need use my tool again but that time without payment)
 you can make bypass untethered by Jailbreak ipad through 3utools
 and download ifiles tweak go mobile source delete Setup.app File