• Lenovo Warranty Check

Check your Lenovo warranty start and end date using imei number from Lenovo database using our service Lenovo Warranty Check

Steps to Lenovo Warranty Check Using IMEI:

Step 1: Choose service lenovo warranty check from product list.

Step 2: Complete the form which includes your IMEI number and your E-mail to receive Your Lenovo Warranty Check detail.

Step 3: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your Lenovo Warranty Check detail.


Supported Model list:

Supported: All Lenovo models

Reply Sample:

IMEI: 865556028414162
Product ID: P0RQ0003ID
System Serial: HGE96Q1Z
Base Serial: HGE96Q1Z
Location: Indonesia
Warranty Type: S12
Warranty Status: Active
Start Date: 2014-11-19
End Date: 2015-12-18