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Steps to imei iPhone all Apple devices, iPhone X,8 Plus, 8, 7 Plus, 7, SE, 6S Plus, 6S, 6 plus, 6, 5S, 5C, 5, 4S, 4 using IMEI:

Step 1: Press manufactorer Choose imei check from Unlock your phone form.

Step 2: Choose your Model or carrier to check imei, Choose world wide in counry option. choose world wide in carrier option. 

Step 3: Complete the form which includes your IMEI number and your E-mail to receive Your imei iPhone detail.

Step 4: Wait until receiving the confirmation email that your imei iPhone detail..

Step 5: Your imei iPhone is ready, Now you have to check how to understand imei iPhone..


unlocked : false - that means your iphone is locked
unlocked: true - that means your iphone is not locked (unlocked)


nextTetherPolicyDetails:Unlock - that means your iphone is unlocked even when the lock status is "unlocked : false" - that means it is unlocked but not yet connected to iTunes nextTetherPolicyDetails: AT&T USA (for example) - if it shows specific operator here, that means your phone is locked, in this case to AT&T USA operator


1.Your iPhone is unlocked (not locked) and already connected to iTunes (unbricked): 

serialNumber : T3113MXXXXX

partDescription : IPHONE 4 16GB BLACK

imeiNumber : 0126490002XXXXX

initialActivationPolicyDetails : UK Hutchison.

initialActivationPolicyID : 303

unlocked : true

unlockDate : 07/03/14

warrantyStatus : Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)

coverageStartDate :

coverageEndDate :

daysRemaining : 0

PurchaseDate : 07/06/11

purchaseCountry : United Kingdom

registrationDate : 07/06/11

productDescription: iPhone 4

nextTetherPolicyID: 303

nextTetherPolicyDetails:UK Hutchison.


appliedActivationDetails:UK Hutchison.

unbricked : true

firstUnbrickDate : 08/06/11

lastUnbrickDate : 07/03/14

meid : iccID : 894705951311190XXXXX

productVersion : 7.0.6

macAddress : D89E3FXXXXX



2. Your iPhone is unlocked (not locked) but not yet connected to iTunes (not yet unbricked):

serialNumber : F2LLTCYXXXXX

partDescription : IPHONE 5S 16GB SILVER

imeiNumber : 0138480023XXXXX

initialActivationPolicyDetails : US AT& T Reseller .

initialActivationPolicyID : 147

unlocked : false

unlockDate :

warrantyStatus : Apple Limited Warranty coverage

StartDate : 04/01/14

coverageEndDate : 03/01/15

daysRemaining : 303

PurchaseDate : 04/01/14

purchaseCountry : United States

registrationDate :

productDescription: iPhone 5S

nextTetherPolicyID: 10


appliedActivationPolicyID: appliedActivationDetails:

unbricked : false

firstUnbrickDate :

lastUnbrickDate :

meid :

iccID :

productVersion :

macAddress : B418D13XXXXX


 3. Your iPhone is locked (to UK TMobile Orange in this example):

serialNumber : F2NKMNMXXXXX

partDescription : IPHONE 5 16GB BLACK

imeiNumber : 0136290024XXXXX

initialActivationPolicyDetails : UK TMobile Orange.

initialActivationPolicyID : 302

unlocked : false

unlockDate :

warrantyStatus : Apple Limited Warranty

coverageStartDate : 31/05/13

coverageEndDate : 30/05/14

daysRemaining : 85

PurchaseDate : 31/05/13

purchaseCountry : United Kingdom

registrationDate : 31/05/13

productDescription: iPhone 5

nextTetherPolicyID: 302

nextTetherPolicyDetails:UK TMobile Orange.


appliedActivationDetails:UK TMobile Orange.

unbricked : true

firstUnbrickDate : 31/05/13

lastUnbrickDate : 31/05/13

meid :

iccID : 89443027716635XXXXX

productVersion : 7.0.6

macAddress : 881FA1CXXXXX



4. Your iPhone is locked to UK Reseller Flex Policy - that means it is locked to one of United Kingdom operators - you need to choose which one by activating it with one of United Kingdom sim cards. Then, if you want to unlock it, just order an unlock for the chosen operator.

Serial Number: DX7LTEPWFML6

Initial Activation Policy ID: 399


Activation Policy Description: UK Reseller Flex Policy

IMEI: 013541005205560

Applied Activation Policy ID:

Part Description: IPHONE 4S BLACK 8GB GSM-GBR

Applied Activation Policy


Product Version:

Next Tether Policy ID: 399

Last Restore Date:

Next Tether Activation Policy Description: UK Reseller Flex Policy

Bluetooth MAC Address: 6476BA6D9DE8

First Unbrick Date:

Last Unbrick Date:

Unbricked: false

Unlocked: false

Supported Model list:

Supported: All Apple Devices

Supported: Unlock iPhone X,8,8 Plus

Supported: Unlock iPhone 7,7 Plus

Supported: Unlock iPhone 6s, 6s plus

Supported: Unlock iPhone SE

Supported: Unlock iPhone 6, 6 Plus

Supported: Unlock iPhone 5c,5s,5

Supported: Unlock iPhone 4,4s